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34th International Symposium on Archaeometry

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3-7 May 2004, Zaragoza, Spain. Organising Institutions: Department of Analytical Chemistry of the University of Zaragoza, Patrimoni-UB Group of the University of Barcelona.
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Año edición: 2006
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“Geophysics and Archaeology at la Mesa Site, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz (Spain)”, Luis Barba Pingarrón, Salvador Domínguez-Bella, José Ramos Muñoz, Vicente Castañeda Fernández, Manuela Pérez Rodríguez and María Sánchez Aragón; “Geophysics and Archaeology at Santa Cruz Atizapan, Central Mexico”, Luis Barba, Agustín Ortiz, Jorge Blancas and Yoko Sugiura; “Remote Sensing And Fieldwalking Survey Applied To The Study Of Ancient Landscapes: An Integrated Approach”, Stefano Campana, Cristina Felici; “Geophysical Survey and Archaeological Verification of Prehistoric iron production areas and medieval glass-woeking sites, Krivánek Roman; “Chemical Residues of Human Activities in San Vincenzo al Volturno”, Alessandra Pecci, Federico Marazzi.
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“Metallurgic Process used in the “Farga Rosell”Ancient Bloomery Fire (Andorra)”, Aureli Álvarez, Antoni Vila, Josep M. Bosch, Olivier Codina, Xavier Clop; “The lead metal from two Hellenistic towns in east central Greece”, E. Asderaki, Th. Rehren; “Manufactured Technology and Materials of an Early Hellenistic Funerary Bronze Urn”, E. Asderaki, K. Tsatsouli, A. G. Karydas; “Roman and medieval litharge cakes: structure and composition”, Justine Bayley, Kerstin Eckstein; “Strontium Isotopes Provenance Ancient Iron Artifacts”, P. Degryse, P. Muchez, J. Schneider, M. Brauns, U. Haack, N. Kellens, M. Waelkens; “Analysis of Cu-Based Alloys and their Corrosion Products from the Bilbilis Arachaeological context by SEM-EDS”, M. Gener, A. Martín Costea, V. López, E. Otero, M. Morcillo; “Early Cycladic Metallurgy in a Sttlement Context: Examination of Metallurgical Remains from Daskaleio-Kavos, Keros (Cyclades,